Viral Sensations Playlists

by T RMC on October 16, 2020

Here’s what you’ve missed over the last 14 weeks if you aren’t following us on Facebook. We’ve also changed Viral Sensations to a fortnightly cycle so that we have more time to prepare a quality playlist for you!

If you want to enjoy the playlists through Tidal on your HiFi system, you will have to add the playlist to your collection. To do this just click the heart button! You can do the same in Spotify as well.

Week 15:

We're back baby! This week's Viral Sensations is just full of good tunes for your listening pleasure.

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Week 16:

This week's playlist is all about the extended versions of our favourite tracks. Yep, we're going live!

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Week 17:

Rick Rubin. Whether or not you hold him accountable for his part in the 'loudness wars' is up to you, but the man has worked on many big albums over his 40 years of producing music. Here are some of our favourites, for your weekly dose of Viral Sensations.

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Week 18:

For this week's Viral Sensations we tackle the 80s. But this isn't just your standard 'Now that's what I call the hits of the 80s' style generic CD, that has the same tracks as the other 5 80s hits CDs that you have in your CD rack. We've chosen some tracks that we hope you'll enjoy, some well known and some less so. Enjoy!

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Week 19:

Back on track with Viral Sensations this week, just some good tunes with an electronica ending. Enjoy!

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Week 20:

Dave Cobb is a six-time Grammy award winning producer based in Nashville who you might not have even heard of. But we think he's pretty great so here's an entire Viral Sensations playlist of his work for you to get to know him!

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Week 21:

To all 30 - 40 year olds: get yourself a 4 pack of V energy drinks, fire up Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 remastered and sink into the after school nostalgia with our 00s Viral Sensations playlist!

We've put together a bumper-length two hour list this week - crank up the volume and enjoy!

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Week 22:

This week we've focused on a selection of tracks that feature great slide & blues guitar solos. Prepare for your face to melt!

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