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Quadraspire - Q4 Evo 4-shelf


Quadraspire - Stainless Floor Protector QC (Set of 4)


Quadraspire - Speaker Stand


Quadraspire - LP Qube


Quadraspire - Qplus Reference (set of 4) - Accessories


Quadraspire - Qplus Advanced (set of 4) - Accessories


Quadraspire - Qplus Evo (set of 4) - Accessories


Quadraspire - SVT 4-shelf


Quadraspire - QAVX 3-shelf TV/AV rack


Quadraspire - QAVM 3-shelf TV/AV rack


Quadraspire - Q4 Evo 5-shelf


Quadraspire - Q4 Evo 3-shelf


Quadraspire - Stainless Floor Protector QX7SS (Set of 4)


Quadraspire - Rack SV Bronze 32MM upgrade (Set of 4)


Quadraspire New Zealand

We are an official Quadraspire New Zealand Dealer.

Performance Hi-Fi Racks and Accessories

Component resonance is a big issue. The right Hi-Fi rack can open the soundstage and improve dynamics. Quadrapsire has been engineering Hi-Fi racks and equipment for decades, for this exact reason. Like the finest instruments, Quadrapsire racks are tuned by ear.

Hi-Fi Furniture from England

For over twenty years Quadraspire has been enhancing the audio quality of Hi-Fi systems worldwide. Quadraspire Hi Fi furniture is designed and crafted in England, with quality sound performance ensured by the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed.