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Rega - Planar 1 Plus - Turntable


Rega - Fono Mini A2D - Phono Preamplifier


Rega - Turntable Drive Belt


Rega - Elys 2 - Turntable Cartridge


Rega - Carbon MM - Turntable Cartridge


Rega - Carbon MM - Stylus


Rega - Planar 2 - Turntable


Rega - Exact - Turntable Cartridge


Rega - Planar 3 - Turntable


Rega - BRIO - Integrated Amplifier


Rega - Fono MM - Phono Preamplifier (2017)


Rega New Zealand

Rega New Zealand

We are official New Zealand Rega Dealers.

Rega Record Players

Rega craft some of the most sought-after Turntables (aka Record Players) available. If you're a vinyl record enthusiast, you'll already know that the Rega brand is synonymous with fidelity, build-quality and leading technologies. If you don't, let us introduce you.

Rega makes a great range of turntables, no matter your budget. With a range of upgrades, you can 'trick' your Rega Turntable out with various cartridge options, platter accessories and more - allowing you the flexibility to create a unique masterpiece for your home or office.

Quality Specialist Hi-Fi from England

Rega has designed and manufactured Hi-Fi components in Southend, England since 1973.  Famous for their iconic record players, Rega also gives us affordable, high-performing turntable accessories, CD Players, amplifiers, and loudspeakers.

Rega Speakers and Electronics

Rega creates more than just incredible turntables. Rega makes a range of high-end electronics and speakers that can be implemented in your system.

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