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Rega - Planar 1 - Turntable


Rega - Planar 3 - Turntable


Rega - Planar 6 - Turntable


Rega - Planar 2 - Turntable


Rega - Planar 8 - Turntable


Rega - Planar 10 - Turntable


Vertere - DG-1 Dynamic Groove - Record Player Package


Vertere - SG-1 Super Groove Record Player


Vertere - RG-1 Reference Groove Record Player


Vertere - MG-1 Magic Groove Record Player Package


AVM - R 2.3 - Turntable


AVM - R 5.3 - Turntable Cellini Edition


AVM - R 5.3 - Turntable


Record Players New Zealand

Record Players – also called Turntables - were invented some 143 years ago in 1877 by Thomas Edison. Playing vinyl records was immensely popular for decades, however throughout the 1980s compact discs took the world by storm and consumers were perplexed by the ‘digital’ sound, the convenience and ease of use.

Today, record players are as popular as ever thanks to many artists releasing their recordings on vinyl. A digital source – whether it’s a streamers or compact disc – can’t offer the romance of the vinyl record. Records offer a warm, gentle sound that is different from a digital source, the fact is that although vinyl records may never have the “dynamic range” that Digital is capable of doesn’t mean the record player is an inferior source component to that of a digital source, it’s simply different. Many people use a digital streaming component plus a record player for those All Record Players N/A ‘tactile’ or more relaxed listening sessions.

Our advice to clients who are putting together a home audio/hi-fi system and are undecided if they wish to travel down the record player or the digital streaming road, is to talk to our consultants about your needs and then let your ears decide in a dedicated listening room in one of our stores. At each price point there is improved sonic performance and upgrade options available to further enhance the sound.