New Zealand's Experts in Totem.


Totem - KIN Play - Monitor Speakers (pair)


Totem - Mite - Monitor Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Play Mini - Powered Bluetooth Speakers (pair)


Totem - Skylight - Bookshelf speakers (pair)


Totem - Tribe Tower - Floor Standing Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Sub - Subwoofer


Totem - Sky - Bookshelf Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Sub 10 - Subwoofer


Totem - KIN Mini Sub - Subwoofer


Totem - Storm Sub - Subwoofer


Totem - Rainmaker - Monitor Speakers (pair)


Totem - Sky Tower - Floor Standing Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Play Soundbar - Soundbar


Totem - Tribe Duo Solution Bar - On-Wall LCR Speaker (each)


Totem - KIN Monitor - Bookshelf Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Amp - Integrated Amplifier


Totem - Beaks - Tuning Pods (pair)


Totem - Arro, DC, Mite, Sttaf Grill


Totem - KIN Mini - Monitor Speakers (pair)


Totem - KIN Mini Flex - On-Wall Speaker (each)


Totem - DCM Dreamcatcher/Mite - Wall Brackets (pair)


Totem New Zealand

We are official New Zealand Totem Acoustic Dealers.

Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of reproducing a truly musical and moving performance. The goal is to constantly provide designs that are both affordable and real “soul movers” for all music lovers.

Each Totem speaker unit is assembled with the utmost precision, using meticulously selected components of the highest quality. Every speaker model features its own distinct scientifically selected internal wiring.

Soul-moving loudspeakers from Canada

Totem’s vision is to give you the music, the whole music and nothing but the music.

The Totem team goes way beyond engineering gimmickry to deliver the heart and honesty of music. On an intuitively technological level, Totem is constantly driven to go further and further in their understanding of acoustic laws and sound reproduction.