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New Zealand's Experts In Chord Company

We are an official Chord Company Dealer.

Chord Company builds award-winning audio and video cables. They've been designing and building their acclaimed cables since 1985 in England. Even though we list cables and interconnects in our 'Accessory' collection, they are an incredibly crucial element of every system. Choosing the correct cable can and will transform your experience and your system.

High-performance and internationally acclaimed cables at value-for-money prices. As official Chord Company NZ dealers, we have the right cable for your next custom installation, Hi-Fi or Home Theatre setup.

Speaker cables and interconnects

Chord Company has been designing, building (and refining) award-winning audio and video cables in England since 1985. Cables are not and never have been just an accessory. They are a vital part of any system and choosing the right cable is more important today than it has ever been. The correct interconnect, power or speaker cable can transform the experience and enhance the pleasure of your favourite music or movies.