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Working From Home

May 20, 2022 2 min read

Working From Home

We believe that if you do have to work from home, you may as well make it an enjoyable experience!

Change is inevitable, especially in this day and age when more of us work from home. While our living spaces remain at a premium and our workloads increase, we forget that simply having good quality music playing in the back or foreground does have a positive effect on productivity, and more importantly, stress levels.

Listening to music from your laptop or PC used to be considered convenient but not necessarily musically satisfying. How things have changed...

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Play music from your computer into a compact yet excellent and full sounding hi-fi system, while controlling everything at your fingertips – choose music on your computer and control volume from a compact and discreet high-fidelity amplifier connected to a pair of speakers on your desk or close by.

You can opt for a simple system that comprises a pair of active bookshelf speakers from Totem Acoustic, a boutique Canadian speaker company. Check out their Kin Play Mini.  You can connect to the speakers by either an optical or analogue cable from your desktop PC or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

If you want to take your listening pleasure a few steps further, you could introduce a high quality but still ‘miniature’ DAC between your Desktop and the active speakers. So, this little gem comes from the UK from a company called Chord Electronics and the DAC is the Qutest.

If you really want to treat yourself then why not consider the Qutest but partner it with its matching amplifier the Anni?. Instead of the active speakers, you can go with a pair of Totem Mini Monitors and if you want that little extra ‘kick’ whilst you’re working at your desk, add the matching Totem Kin Mini Sub.

A simple connection from the analogue audio output of your computer using a Chord Company C-Jack Cable and C-Screen X speaker cable from the Anni amplifier to the Totem Acoustic Skylight bookshelf speakers will give you a compact system that many will envy!

Or if you’re feeling less like sharing your music with others, then consider a pair of high-quality headphones befitting the Anni amplifier.

For a super-compact solution, try the new Mojo 2 portable DAC/Headphone Amp from Chord Electronics to enjoy high quality music from a connected computer, tablet or phone.  Perfect for on the go as well!

Then you’ll be all set for the wonders of high-level productivity as well as true high-fidelity.

Mojo 2

Productivity Plus!

(Pictured: Generic computer + Chord Electronics Anni Desktop & Headphone Amplifier + Totem Acoustic Skylight Speakers)