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New amplifiers from Chord Electronics

August 20, 2023 1 min read

New amplifiers from Chord Electronics

You know how much we love British Hi-Fi brands, so we’re excited about two new releases from Chord Electronics, the company that specialises in high-end audio products for Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

With their devotion to innovation and uncompromised audio quality, it’s no surprise that Chord has supplied amplifiers to the BBC, plus world-leading studios including Abbey Road, Sony Music (New York), The Royal Opera House and Skywalker Films. That same studiograde audio performance is found across the entire Chord range.

Benefitting from the latest proprietary Chord Electronics amplifier technologies, plus the classic industrial aesthetic, the ULTIMA range offers their flagship technology and enjoys legendary status amongst music lovers and studio professionals worldwide. The new ULTIMA Integrated amplifier is rated at 125 watts, 4 inputs, including 1 fully balanced, and features new low noise power supplies. Available in both silver and black finishes.

And the new tabletop power amplifier at 75 watts is BerTTi, (replacing the previous TToby) featuring trickle-down amplifier tech from the ULTIMA range, but in the smaller table top form to match the Hugo TT. Chord’s Table Top range presents class leading products for headphone listeners, along with legendary Chord Electronics amplification performance for when space is at a premium. Company founder and chief designer John Franks says, “BerTTi can drive loudspeakers, from bookshelf types to the hardest-to-drive floorstanders without difficulty.” BerTTi Is available in Jett Black and Argent Silver.

Please contact us to preorder these amplifiers.