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System enhancements that won’t break the Bank

August 20, 2023 2 min read

System enhancements that won’t break the Bank

Looking to make some additions to your system this winter, but not wanting to break the bank in doing so? We know it's tough out there with the current cost of living – here are a few cost-effective add-on accessory products which we believe will add value to your system’s performance – all available from our stores or online, with some available for you to try before you buy through your local store:

Chord Electronics Mojo 2 portable DAC/headphone amp - $1,145.

Chord Electronics - Mojo 2 - Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier

It’s the size of a pack of playing cards, yet this little powerhouse will make your music sound better and effortlessly drive any pair of headphones – wherever you are! Mojo 2 continues to win accolades from the world’s hi fi press.

ADOT Fibre Kits – MC03 kit with PLIXiR Linear Power Supply - $1695.

ADOT - MC Fibre Network Kit

Audiophile-grade kits to simplify the isolation of high-end audio systems using fibre optic components carefully optimised for hi-fi use. Plug and play with no computer configuration required. Suitable for use with all network-connected audio systems whether NAS–or streaming-based.

Link to a Hifi+ review here: https://hifiplus.com/articles/adot-mc01-kit-2-fibre-ethernet-conversionkit/

PLiXiR Power Linear Power supplies – From $1195.

Unique, high performance and cost-effective power products for hi-fi use. Designed to reduce all the noise types present in a DC power supply. Available in different amperage/voltage configurations.


Uberlight audiophile light – $199 in black or white.

UberLight Flex - LED Audiophile Task Light with Clamp

A great adjustable light that can be attached to most audio racks or shelves, allowing for infinite adjustment and positioning. Features three lighting hues and 3 brightness levels. Great also as a desk lamp or for craft / hobby work.

Chord Company GroundARAY – $999

Chord Company - GroundARAY - Noise Reduction Device

A GroundARAY acts like a noise wastegate or filter when plugged into noisy unused connectors on your hi-fi or network equipment. The result? A surprising drop in noise, allowing more detail in your music to spring forth – Link to an interesting Hi Fi + Review here: https://hifiplus.com/articles/chord-company-groundaray-noise-reduction-system/

English Electric 8 Port audiophile grade network Switch - $965

English Electric - 8Switch - Premium Audio Grade Network Streaming Switch

A beautifully made little 8 port switch which sonically improves all networked audio products connected to it: link to a Hi Fi+ review here: https://hifiplus.com/articles/english-electric-8switch-streaming-audio-network-switch/