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What’s in our Demo Room by John

August 20, 2023 2 min read

What’s in our Demo Room by John

Some time back I mentioned an incoming new speaker, however thanks to Covid delays we waited over a year for its arrival on our shores! I had to be content with reading the unanimously glowing European media reviews. I was also taken with the retro form factor.

I’m talking about the KIM loudspeaker, designed and built in Essen, Germany, by FinkTeam, possibly the most talented people in the business. Fink Team produces only two speakers - the KIM and the Borg (that will come in a later review).

After many months putting KIM through its paces, frankly I think it produces some of the best sound I have ever heard from a loudspeaker. Let me explain…

We have listened to KIM with a huge variety of electronics. The sound presentation is always tonally sweet with fairly large dynamics from what is in reality not a large cabinet. The KIM like to be “toed in”, so the listener is in what’s known as the Sweet Spot.

Certainly, these are not hard speakers to drive; by this I mean they do not require huge wattage, what is far more important is quality of watts. A good 70 watts is more than adequate, something like the bigger Rega Aethos. What I like is that the KIM is very reflective on what it is being driven with, so firing up a muscular AVM amp/streamer brings about huge increases in sound quality. Still, it is nice to find a product that can be used with more modest equipment and that “liquid” sound quality still shines through.

A good and also very tidy combination is the KIM with a Linn Selekt all-in-one streamer/amp. Both products are good lookers and compact (so very domestically acceptable!)

Also, of note is KIM’s ability to play all types of music, from thrash rock to full orchestra pieces – the music is never torn apart or unlistenable. Vinyl replay through the KIM again is stunning, the integration and seamlessness is remarkable. KIM has basically been a permanent fixture in our main sound room and for good reason. In a world filled with ho-hum products, we think we have found our diamond in the rough.

Honestly, give us a call and come listen. You will see what we mean.

KIM Reviews:

LP Magazine:

“Fink’s KIM is an incredibly well-balanced, perfectly supple loudspeaker that plays coherently and coherently from front to back. Certainly, one of the best there is in this class.”

HiFi Critic:

“KIM’s infectious well-timed musicality takes sound reproduction beyond mere process, to achieve a higher level of listener involvement and satisfaction.”