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Naim - NACA5 - Speaker Cable (1M)


Naim - ND5XS-2 - Network Player


Naim - Floor Protector


Naim - NAP100 - Power Amplifier


Naim - Uniti Star - All-In-One Music Player


Naim - Fraim Shelf


Naim - Uniti Nova - All-In-One Music Player


Naim - Uniti Atom - All-In-One Music Player


Naim - SNAIC Interconnect


Naim - Uniti Core - Hard Disc Player


Naim - ND555 - Network Player


Naim New Zealand

We are official New Zealand Naim Audio Dealers.

Naim Audio has built its legacy since the early 70s. Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound. Through tireless attention to their four fundamentals in engineering, they achieve 'silence around the sound-reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist'.

High-end audio crafted for musical performance

Lovingly designed and made in England for over 40 years, Naim’s range of home audio electronics caters not only for audiophiles but also for those of us who want lifestyle options like easy-to-use wireless Hi-Fi speakers.

All Naim products embrace the latest technology with stylish design.