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Vertere - XtraX - High-Resolution Moving Coil Turntable Cartridge

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The cartridge is a fundamental element of vinyl reproduction - the foremost point of contact established with your record.

XtraX represents a major leap forward in moving coil cartridge design. Defying expectation at every level - from its nude diamond micro-elliptical stylus and telescopic cantilever, to its single-piece aluminium chassis and four-point generator fixing. XtraX achieves previously unattainable levels of musical connection, presence, and jaw-dropping harmonic definition, bringing your music to life like never before.

The new pinnacle for cartridge design

The XtraX is the most sonically impressive moving coil cartridge that Vertere has ever produced. Internally, the XtraX features a brand new micro-elliptical stylus, tooled from solid, nude diamond and fitted to a telescopic cantilever for ever more precise control. In order to match the rich refinement of these new internal components, the XtraX outer shell has been completely re-optimised and re-designed from the ground up, and machined from a single piece of aluminium. XtraX ‘floats’ its generator at four fixing points that are precisely calibrated for peak performance, and an alignment ridge perfectly matches XtraX with the tone arm. 

The result is, truthfully, jaw-dropping. XtraX has reached a previously unachieved level of musical connection and presence, with a vastly elevated and more clearly defined harmonic structure. The XtraX makes your music feel truly and almost completely alive - as if you’re listening to the final take from behind the studio glass, or sat metres from the live performance. Even in the competitive realms of moving coil cartridge design, we believe XtraX comfortably sits amongst the most technically and musically proficient MC cartridges ever created.

Pinpoint design for the truest sound

The cartridge is a fundamental element of vinyl reproduction - the foremost point of contact established with your record. At Vertere, we believe this foundational connection between the music and the hardware to be pivotal - our first opportunity to preserve and nurture the purity of your sound. 

Like all Vertere products, nothing is taken for granted in their cartridge design. Everything is questioned, optimised, and developed on the finest of margins. The goal? To strip away every last inessential component, leaving a masterfully simple design that honestly and accurately reproduces each musical moment - every time you place vinyl on your record player.

Technical Specifications

Generator Type
Moving Coil

Output Level
4.5mV (@5cm/sec.)

Recommended Input Load
850Ω – 1ki5Ω
0pF - Max. 470pF

Recommended Tracking Weight
2.05g (1.90g - 2.10g)

Frequency Response
10Hz – 45kHz

Channel Separation

Coil Resistance
Dynamic Compliance
12 x 10-6 cm/dyne
(@ 100Hz)

Magnet Type

Mounting To Stylus

Headshell To Stylus

Nude | Micro Eliptical Diamond
(7.5 × 15.5 um)

Aluminium - Telescopic

Headshell Mounting
Special Vertere Tri-point
M2.5 Threaded Fixing Holes

Generator Fixing
Special Quad-Point Contact
Four Stainless 'Spike' Screws


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"Just upgraded my phono cartridge to the Linn Ekstatik. This is a truely amazing cartridge. Running on my Linn LP12 Klimax turntable. The amount of information extracted is incredible. Very detailed presentation even at reasonably low volume. I am sure that as the moreI use it the better it will get. A worthwhile upgrade. Thanks to all at The Real Music company"

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